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PACE help me to realise about things that I never even thought of. I haven’t ran a business before, but I was really successful for my old employer and when he sold the business, I thought it was a great opportunity to do what I loved, but for myself. I love the guys at PACE, not only are they so supportive, but they are real people who aren’t afraid to tell you about their mistakes and show you a better of doing things. I am hoping one day that we will sell up too and realise some wealth, but for now, I am happy growing and learning with the guys.

Me and my sister had a business, but needed the cash to go online and push our brand further. We looked at many opportunities with investors, but it all seemed so formal and quite scary to be honest. PACE made it simple for us to understand. We have learnt a lot from them to be honest and cant wait for what the future holds

I have ran many businesses and they all seemed to get to a certain level and then I felt stuck. I had goals in my life to hit and wasn’t getting any closer on my own. I was also lonely. Running a business on your own is sometimes very stressful. I wanted to expand, but I also wanted to enjoy my business again. I had a great initial meeting with PACE, and we all gelled instantly. We had the same morals and standards, and I took the plunge and brought them on board with my business. I was provided investment to expand, but most of all, working with the people at PACE is really giving me such fulfilment. We are on a real journey now together.

My business has been running for over 5 years now. I am happy with how it has developed over time, but ran into an opportunity that I couldn’t afford to miss. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the cash flow to support this and the project needed specialist equipment. Luckily, I came across PACE through a business contact who were happy to help me with the cash injection. We came to a very agreeable arrangement and I was able to invest in the machinery needed, win the contract and make a great profit.