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PACE Capital Investments was born due to the passion and the true entrepreneurship of a select few founding individuals whose stories began with a vision and a genuine hunger for success. Being true entrepreneurs at heart, the PACE founders have truly experienced the journey and are grateful for all the lessons that have been learnt along the way. With a large amount of success within various sectors and specialisms, PACE is confident that it has the tools and attitude required to take your business to the next level. 



Elizabeth Pringle

Elizabeth Pringle has built many successful businesses within various sectors such as retail, recruitment, marketing, online, training and more. Her biggest success was taking a specialised recruitment business from start-up to a £17Mil Annual Turnover.

Elizabeth caught the entrepreneurial bug from her family who had numerous businesses and projects across the UK. She now lives in Marbella, Spain where her passion for business and development hasn’t wavered and she owns a number of successful businesses.

Elizabeth believes that businesses are more than numbers, charts and accounts – she strongly believes in investing in people, their experiences, knowledge and passions as well as holding a deep enjoyment of seeing people succeed and reach their goals. Elizabeth believes that no-one is the finished article and if we aren’t growing as a person, and learning from others – then we are going backwards.

Elizabeth is excited to build strong and trustworthy partnerships with the people behind the businesses and help them to get their business to the next level and beyond.

Steven Pendergast

Steve Pendergast

Steven Pendergast started his first business from his Dad’s garage and went from strength to strength by always working with the people he trusts the most and acting upon real instinct.

Steve has been an MD for many companies, and has been involved in over 30 company acquisition and sales. Steve is currently the CEO of a large recruitment firm which has grown phenomenally over the last 8 years taking it from conception to over £100 Million Annual Turnover. This business has taught him how to inspire, lead and trust working with people from all walks of life – all with unique skills and attitudes.

Steve’s work ethic and no-fuss attitude have meant that despite recessions and pandemics he has always forged ahead with his businesses resulting in great success.

Steve invests in people and works on the belief and passion of his business partners. Being open minded and a risk taker has certainly worked or him in the past and he hopes to continue inspiring and supporting other entrepreneurs through PACE Capital Investments.

Steve has experience in a variety of sectors including construction, recruitment, payroll, property, and investment. Steve’s impressive business portfolio and honest character make him a valuable asset to have within any businesses future growth.